7 Weird Tricks to Smarter Consulting.

1. Draw a Magic Quadrant

2. Propose a Crazy Alternative

3. Share a Meaningless Story from Another Client

One of the challenges of consulting, is that your are insulated by NDA’s, MSA’s and all kinds of other acronyms that essentially mean you cannot tell anyone, anything, ever.

4. Draw a Bell Curve

5. Use 5 Whys

5 Whys is a great tool consultants use to place blame on someone and divert responsibility away from themselves. You basically ask “Why?” 5 times and ideally, place blame on someone when something went wrong. It works best when the blamed party is not even in the room. I’ve seen blame placed by the 2nd Why in this situation, which is super efficient.

6. Introduce a Dogmatic Methodology

A dogmatic methodology or framework is the fuel that powers any well known consultant. I’d recommend a few, but really there are so many you can just pick any one of them off of the internet. Introducing a dogmatic methodology is key because your client will never, ever successfully adopt it.

7. Use a Venn Diagram



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